All frontline workers to Battle Stations!

Join the war against Covid-19 and defeat the virus. Save the lives of as many patients as you can in this never-ending battle for survival, against the tiniest of deadly enemies.

Inspired by the events that have gripped the world in 2020, and created in the style of 90's retro gaming on machines such as Amiga, Atari, SNES, Sega, C64 and countless arcade games,  the world is on it's knees... save lives!

For any computer or laptop, this game is best played using the Chrome browser and in full screen.

Press F11 now to enter full screen, then when ready click on the PLAY GAME button below.

P L A Y   G A M E

Game Instructions

Best played in full screen. Press F11 to toggle full screen on and off.
Use the keyboard to control your Antibody Ship.
Press P in-game to pause the game and see instructions. 

Rotate Antibody Ship

To rotate your ship around it's own axis, use the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard.

Move Antibody Ship

To move your ship forwards or backwards, use the up and down arrow keys on your keyboard. Your ship will travel in the direction it is pointing.

Ship Protection Bubble

While the bubble is surrounding your ship, viruses will bounce off it. This is useful for protecting you when your ship first appears on screen.

Fire Defibrillator

Press the Spacebar to fire Defibrillator. This will destroy almost all viruses in your vicinity. You start the game with three Defibrillators and can collect extra ones throughout the game.

Virus Scoring

All viruses, regardless of size, score 50 points when destroyed. The exception to this is when in X-Ray Warp Mode, when all hits are Double Points.

X-Ray Warp Mode

Collect the 'W' power-up to activate. During X-Ray Warp Mode, everything happens in slow motion and all hits are worth Double Points. The X-Ray only lasts a few seconds so grab those points while you can!

Collect Bullet Power Up

Collect the 'B' power-up to increase your weapon's power. The bigger the bullet, the further it reaches and the more destructive it is.

Collect Ship Speed Power Up

Collect the 'S' power-up to increase the speed and maneuverability of your ship. All speed increases are lost when ship is destroyed.

Collect Extra Defibrillators

Use them wisely. You may want to collect and save them for later levels when things start getting crazy!

Body Temperature Gauge

As more and more viruses appear on-screen the patient's body temperature rises. If the body temperature reaches 100% the patient dies and the battle is over.

Patient Timeline Progress Bar

This is the the timeline of the battle to save the patient. The more time you have left when you have saved the patient, the higher the score bonus. Save them quickly!

Extra Ship every 50,000 points

You are awarded an extra ship every 50,000 points. This may seem generous at first, but once you get further into the game you'll need them!

About this game

How it all started

What started out as a small project to learn JavaScript during lockdown, ended up becoming a fully-fledged game in its own right. Like many of you I was looking for something to occupy my time, and in fact had been meaning to learn Javascript for a while.

In the dim and distant past I'd been a developer of published games on the ZX Spectrum, C64 and Amstrad CPC computers in the 80's, Amiga and PC in the 90's, and then nothing since then. I wondered whether I still had the chops. Coming from an Assembler background which was 90% forgotten, I didn't have much experience using higher level languages. I'd done some VB6, C#, PHP, HTML/CSS etc., and made hundreds of websites, but making a fast game to run in the browser, and in a language I had never used before, was going to be a challenge. In total I have probably been working on it for approximately 8 weeks at an average of about 2 hours a day.

During development I watched many hours of You Tube tutorials, especially the incredible Daniel Shiffman at The Coding Train (whom I feel has been here with me in spirit every day), and googled countless websites and forums looking for answers. I spent hours inside Photoshop making graphics, hours inside Audacity making sounds, and weeks inside VS Code writing source code. 

Game Information

Language: Javascript, HTML, CSS
Libraries: P5.js, P5.Sound, P5.Play
Editor: VSCode
Tools: Photoshop, Audacity, Blender
Requirements: Chrome Browser (other browsers may work but not perfectly), a fast computer!

Please report any bugs or suggestions to

P L A Y   G A M E